Friday, November 20, 2009

Oompa Loompa Bimbo

Our receptionsist prior to the one we have now was a real ditz.  Bimbo would be a good description actually.  She had a huge mound of bleached hair teased all around her head, wore shirts that put her cleavage front and center, skirts that barely covered her butt, chewed gum at all times, and used fake tanner to create an Oompa Loompa-like hue.

One day I noticed that the front desk phone was riginging like crazy, but it seemed that none of the calls were being transferred back to any of us, which was odd.  So I walked up quietly behind her and watched for few moments.

It seems that when things got hectic, she figured out the way to lessen her workload was to answer each line, say "please hold", and then hang up rather than pressing hold.  When our boss confronted her about this practice, she tried to defend herself by saying that she was helping out everyone that worked there because only about half the people called back. She claimed she was eliminating uneccessary calls, because if it was REALLY important, they would have called back. 

I am really, REALLY hoping you don't work at the 911 call center.

Please hold, GrecianSea, for your thank you!


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