Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Funday

Some of the strangest personal ads ever.  I am really loving these!

There is just so much here that is, well, astounding, that I am frankly overwhelmed.  Although really, aren't we all looking for a blue-balled carnie?

Well, this one isn't looking for love (or someone to poop on their face - ah, the romance makes me misty eyed!), but if you're in the market for a rancid partial turkey (Both drumsticks! Bargain!), I think $23.00 is a good deal.

"Get me a woman! Any woman!  From legal adult to nearing death! Whatever you've got will do..."

It just occurred to me - sir, have you heard about the 8 day old turkey that's available?

Kind of clever. But when you read it the way she would like you to, that good reputation part goes right out the window.

PIG. That title just gets right to the point, no? Wonder if he called?


strokeofliving said...

These can't be real ads, can they? If so PIG is my favorite today. The others are too disturbing to dissect.

Hank said...


Andrea said...

LOL This is the funniest blog I've ever seen! Thanks for the laugh! :)

neogondawanna said...

HAHA this is amazing! what paper are you reading to pull these out of. im totally gonna link to this blog from mine.

My2Cents said...

Funny stuff!!

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