Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Funnies

You know how when you go on a roller coaster at theme parks they snap your picture as you're going through, and then try to extort insane amounts of money sell it to you on the way out?

Well, if any of these had been mine, I would have paid whatever they asked:

Yeah, that'll ruin everyone's day.

I don't get this one.  Are they trying to do the telephone can/string thing? Did they construct one of these to carry around the park all day?  How did they know they wouldn't be sitting by each other?   Did they request not to be so they could use it?  And is the one guy barfing in his?

Aw, you ruined it by covering your face, ya coward.  It's no fun if all the people standing around the photo booth can't point at you and scream "Look, it's nipple tweaking dude!".

Look at the guy in the front with his rock n' roll hand gestures.  He looks too cool.  And he knows it, you can tell by his face.

"Son, the picture they took of us on the roller coaster came out great!  Let's get a copy for Gran and use it on our holiday cards this year!"


strokeofliving said...

These are revolting, folks are crazy, oh that's why this blog exists hun?

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