Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Make Me Sick

This guy I worked with HATED our boss with a passion.  When he came down with some sort of respiratory illness (and it was was a bad one, he was pretty sick) instead of calling out he purposely dragged himself into the office. He wanted to make it to lunch time, when he knew she would be out of her office for an hour.  When noon came around and she left, he went into her office and licked everything she would come in contact with.  Her pens, keyboard, phone receiver - the works.  Then he told everyone he was too sick to work and was going home.

Our boss DID wind up getting sick; but because she was such a workaholic she didn't take time off.  Which resulted in her being hospitalized with pneumonia.

I don't know where to start with this one.  First off, what an sh*tty thing to do!  Whoever you are, you suck.

Secondly, what sort of FREAK can lick a phone receiver, let alone someone else's?  And pens?  AND A KEYBOARD?!?!?  We all know these places are covered in types of bacteria I don't even want to think about.

Lastly, what if the boss had died?  That trial would have been quite bizarre - Pen Licker Convicted Of Manslaughter.


JealousJoseph, please nudge this guy in the direction of some major therapy.  Society will thank you.


strokeofliving said...

Two words [okay maybe more than two] HIDDEN CAMERA - they're cheap.

Licking office supplies and electronics really? REALLY?? What is wrong with people?

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