Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Movies: Then And Now

In honor of Christmas Eve, I'm going to do a "Where Are They Now?" item on the actors from my favorite Christmas movies.

Let's start with Christmas Vacation (1989):

The Griswolds
Chevy Chase today:

Older (well, duh), but still lookin' good there, Clark!
Beverly D'Angelo:

Can you believe this woman is almost 60?  Call me, Beverly, I need the number of your surgeon/dermatologist/witchdoctor/whatever.

Juliette Lewis:

She appears to either be singing, or attempting to see if she can fit her whole fist into her mouth.

Johnny Galecki:

Rusty all grown up.  On a side note, I love his current show, The Big Bang Theory.  Watch it, you'll love it too.

Ah, Cousin Eddie.  He is my absolute favorite character.

"Just emptying the sh*tter, Clark!"

Randy Quaid today:

Yes, this is a mug shot.  One in which he appears rather happy to be arrested, smiling, with a jacket thrown jauntily over his shoulder.  It seem in the years since CV, he's lost a few of his marbles:


Next, we'll do A Christmas Story (1983):

The Parker clan.

Let's start with the star, Peter Billingsley:

Nice looking guy, but it's weird to see Ralphie as an adult.

Ralphie's little bro Randy:

Whose real name is Ian Petrella, seen here renacting a scene at the official A Christmas Story House Museum.

Yes, there really is one.

Next there's Mrs. Parker:

Melinda Dillon a couple of years ago.

And "The Old Man":

This picture was taken before Darren McGavin passed away in 2006.

Who can forget that little b*stard, Scut Farkus?

And here he is today, actor Zack Ward...

...kinda looking...well...the same. 


And Scott Schwartz today:

with Tedde Moore, the actress who played Miss Shields.

Let's get some evil elves in here:

Lastly, I love It's A Wonderful Life (1946):

Makes me cry everytime, no matter how many times I've seen it (and trust, me I've watched it ALOT!)

As for the 'Where Are They Now'

Let's just say they're with Clarence and bells rang when they got their wings!

Have a great holiday everyone!!


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