Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Funnies

Found some incredibly funny stuff at Probably Bad News.

Here's some highlights:

They come with bombs strapped to their little hairy chests.

Never did trust those Jack Russells.

Be careful.  The terrorist Jack Russells will hunt you down when your clothing is bacon scented.

Whopper? As in Burger King?  Seriously, this headline just confuses me.  Although in all honesty, I think I'd prefer NOT to understand what it actually means.

Oh! THAT'S where I left her!  I remember getting out the mayo and then, poof, she was gone!
I guess the result was something like this:

Okay.  Let's continue...

I always thought something sleazy was going on in the basement of Ace Hardware.

But the mayor of New Orleans probably enjoys his trips to buy "hardware":

And he may just want to become a fan of Pam Anderson:

And we don't know his grooming preferences, but:


strokeofliving said...

Um, how did you get the baby to look like he/she was in the sandwich?

Jack Russell smells bacon and terrorizes entire school yard of children.

Whopper in buttocks? I don't really want to know what that means either. Dear lord, people, why?

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