Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In The Pink

A woman I work with has a strange obsession with the color pink.  She is around 50ish, I would say, and works in the cubicle next to mine.  She has wallpapered her cubicle and desk with pink contact paper, and she brings in her own pink office supplies.  Where she finds pink pens, pink tape dispensers, pink staplers AND staples is beyond me, but she does.  Her mug is pink,  her clothes are some shade of pink every day, her handbag is pink and her favorite shoes are these sky high stiletto heels in - you guessed it - pink.   She is a tall and heavy woman, so she resembles a large pink cloud of cotton candy tottering around the office on pink stilts.

The ultimate weirdness is that she has a picture of her Maltese on her desk, and loves to show it off and tell everyone how hard it was to find a groomer that would dye her dog freakin' PINK!!
I am so dying to take a visit to her house.  It must feel like being in a very large, better lit womb with furniture.

And then I would steal her dog and dye it green just for kicks.

Thanks to Andrea71, and we all know you're just jealous that you don't have your own personal color.


strokeofliving said...

I love purple but oddly enough I don't own many purple items. Usually I don't think to buy items in purple. My daily 'uniform' is denim jeans and pastel cotton tops.

I once worked for a Hollywood producer who had to have everything in his office, the color black. Eating utensils to electronics to furniture. High profile guy. I guess colors are inspirational.

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