Monday, December 21, 2009

Fra-Gee-Lay - It Must Be From Italy!

I'm a package handling guy for a major shipping company - I won't say which one (UPS? FedEx?  Isn't that all of them?) - and all of us here at work hate this time of year because our work multiples by about one hundred percent.  One of the guys I worked with used to let out his frustration by taking any box that said FRAGILE on it, shaking it and sometimes even throwing it on the ground or up against a wall.  He would only do it to packages that were obviously from mail/internet order companies, not individuals, because then the sender would get the blame and have to replace the item, not us.

I will admit his mood would totally change and he'd be the happiest-go-lucky guy there after he got his anger out of his system.

That guy must have ruined many a Christmas morning - but, hell, as long as HE felt better, right?

I am going to invest in a bubble wrap company, DrowningInAPuddle. And also, just lift your head up, puddles aren't really that deep.  You're welcome.


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