Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back

My boss had this compulsive habit of constantly chewing on a straw.  He actually kept his own supply at his desk so he would never be without one.  If he had kept his straws contained, it would have been a non-issue.  BUT... there were constantly mangled, spitty straws everywhere.  On the floor.  On the bathroom counters.  Thrown into plant pots.  Left on the counter where we make our coffee.  On the lunch table

Even worse, when in a meeting, he would chew and then gesture with the straw to make a point.  This caused droplets of spit to fly all over the table, our notes, any food products lying around, and occasionally us.  I got one on the cheek once, and one of my other coworkers got it in the eye.  But he's the boss...

Whoa, I first read that one sentence as "thrown into pot plants".  I was thinking, what kinds of office IS this?

Well, to be honest, one I probably wouldn't mind working in.  Heh.

I'm sending you some antibacterial wipes, JonahPlease!.


strokeofliving said...

Oh dear sweet lord. Spittle on the cheek and in the eye is the worst! Don't care if he is the boss, I'm a New Yorker so our gestures are over the top. If he were the leader in any office I was in, I'd probably wear a rain coat and hold a small trash can in hand when in meetings with him to make my point.

Nasty folks within my radius just won't do.

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