Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tweeting Twit

I worked with a young woman who was addicted to all that Facebooking and Tweeting crap. She would actually update her status on Facebook and tweet continously during the workday. Her really dumb move though was to request our boss as her friend. The boss took note that she was wasting time online all day, and took her to task on it...and guess what? As soon as the boss left her desk, she went on Facebook to say "Omg, my boss is so mean to me all the time, I think she has something against me but I just don't know what!!" The boss sees this, and confronts her again the next day on it, letting her know she doesn't 'have anything against her' but she needs her to WORK and not PLAY on Facebook. Next day rolls around, this woman calls out sick. But her Facebook says:

"Can't take work stress so took a mental health day! Beachin' it!"

So then it was Bye, Bye, Facebook queen!

Did she forget she 'friended' her boss? 'Cause that just ain't too smart.

Okay, time to go de-friend my boss and update my status...

Thanks for the tip on what NOT to do, KellyAnders!


Lisa E said...

Well, the boss hired her in the first place. Bad move :) That is too funny.

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