Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Correction (Of Sorts)

A reader of this here 'lil ole blog (Hi, Andrew!)  made me aware that some of the Darwin Awards I posted the other day may be inaccurate, kinda like this one for instance, and he was kind enough to check out Snopes for me.  He writes:

Sorry, but I think your Darwin Awards entry may be a tad off. I didn't check them all, but at least one of them is pretty much known to be false:

the JATO winner: see snopes.com/autos/dream/jato.asp

I went and looked on darwinawards.com, but didn't see your list. I found a very different list. You should check it out.

I don't mean to hurl egg on your face, but please check out snopes whenever someone sends you something that sounds a little questionable.

My Dad had sent me the awards run-down, and I didn't think to check if he was involved in proliferating bogus information (just kidding, Daddy!  Not throwing you under the bus here or anything!!).

So I guess the lesson here is: (you think I'm gonna say always check your facts, right?)

Take me with a grain of salt, 'cause I can be mistaken here and there.  I'm just here to provide some chuckles. 

Plus I'm  lazy.  Facts, schmacts, I always say (Well not really.  This is the first time I have ever said that.  But you get the point).

Thanks, Andrew!  And stop hurling those eggs, will ya? ;)


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