Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Teacher Of The Year

I am a Kindergarten teacher. At my school, I have a classroom that is connected to another teacher's classroom by a swinging door. My neighboring teacher was always a bit high-strung to say the least. She always told other faculty how much the kids pissed her off, and she had a particular dislike for a couple of her students. Truly, I have no idea why she ever became a teacher, except maybe because she likes her summers off. Anyway, one day I hear her start to yell. But not just yell, I hear her screaming at her students that they are a bunch of spoiled, evil little sh*ts, and she wished their parents had used birth control.
Wait, that's it?  What happened to her?  Did the 'powers that be' just say, "You're right, they ARE a bunch of evil sh*ts!  Bravo!" and let her keep teaching?

Don't leave us hanging, Stringer!


strokeofliving said...

WOW!! Now that is CRAZY!

Hank said...

That's whut I'M sayin'!!!

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