Friday, January 22, 2010

Boozin' Bookkeeper

One day, our bookkeeper came in looking a bit unsteady, and smelling like a distillery.  She told us she had been to a Bachelorette Party the night before, and it lasted until about three hours before she needed to be at work.  We are a fairly easy goimg group of poeple, and nobody said a word to our boss, who didn't come out of his office much anyway.  It was all fine, until she started writing checks.  She paid wrong amounts to the wrong payees, but the worst was when she added an extra zero to a $1,000 payment.  When the boss found out, she stupidly 'fessed up that it happened because she was drunk. (!!!)


Wow, I'm suprised she got fired.  If I get taken to task by my boss, I always figure my best excuse is to say I was wasted at work and all will be forgiven.  Can't imagine why it didn't work for her.

Cheers to BillyJames for this one!


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