Monday, January 11, 2010

Call Of Doody

Warning:  If you are about to eat, stop reading now.

I warned ya....

I had a boss who was an absolute tyrant.  When we had meetings, no one was allowed to leave the room for any reason.  He was afraid someone might miss one of his precious gems of wisdom, and he'd have to (the horror!) repeat himself.  So he made it very clear that we had to take care of our bathroom and other needs before the meeting, as no interruptions were permitted.

We were in a meeting one day when one of our co-workers, I will call her Marcy, did not look well. She was pale and sweaty, but knew she had to stay put or recieve the wrath of the boss.  She was squirming a bit in her seat when all of a sudden this noxious odor filled the air.  Yup, she had sudden and explosive diarrhea.  It soaked through her pants and onto the chair, and as she stood up to run to the bathroom, it wasn't stopping, and was running down her legs and dripping onto the floor.  It was the most disgusting thing any of us had seen, and we all went runnning from the room also, gagging as we went.  Poor Marcy stayed in the bathroom until it abated, and we brought her plastic garbage bags for her pants and loaned her an extra pair of sweatpants someone had on hand  for gym purposes so she could go home.

Our boss didn't have any sympathy whatsoever. He called Marcy sickly and weak.  As for Marcy herself she quit over the phone and never came back.  I did hear she sued our boss and the company for these inhumane policies, but as we all know the wheels of justice turn slowly and I left the company before the matter was resolved.
Wow, I have such pity for Marcy, yet I am also incredibly nauseated. 

Was the conference room closed off permanently as a biohazard?  And. more importantly, did anyone ever have to sit in Marcy's chair?

Thanks to HarvardHoney37, for this totally sh*tty submission.


Anonymous said...

could you remove the title of this story. actually just change it. This is the same name as our national company and it seems to imply that manybe that is the company.

Anita Bier said...

You got it! :)

Awesome name for a company, by the way!

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