Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Macho Man

I work as a bartender.  The bartender who works most of my shifts alongside me is a very good looking guy.  He is always flirting with the female customers, and they adore him.  They all want to go out with him, but he's very coy and plays hard-to-get.  He is also a total "man's man", all macho with the male patrons, commenting on women's boobs and butts. He rakes in the tips.

He should win an Oscar for acting though, because as soon as he gets off duty he becomes his real self - very flamboyantly gay and he enjoys frequenting clubs dressed in drag.

He and I have some great laughs after our shifts, recounting the women drooling over him and the men pointing out boobs to him that he couldn't care less about. 

I corrected what I assume was your typo for you.  Unless the two of you really DO have great laughs after your sh*ts.  If so, email me and I can change it back.

Happy bartending to ya, PinkyEll!


strokeofliving said...

I knew there was a catch! Women are so gullible. He must be breathtaking.

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