Friday, January 8, 2010

Marty Grass For President

I worked with a woman who was rather dim.  Luckily, her job was pretty much just basic filing, although sometimes I even questioned her grasp of the alphabet.  Anyway, some of my favorite moments:

When one of our colleagues went to retrive a folder she had filed, he couldn't find it.  When he asked her, we found out she was filing according to FIRST names.  So the sections with common names, such as J with all the Johns and Jameses, were stuffed.

In February, there were signs all over town about Mardi Gras celebrations.  She came in to work and said "Who is Marty Grass?  Is he running for president?"

She heard people talking about using sick time for "mental health days".  She then told our boss she would be mentally sick the next day and needed the day off.
That's actually sort of...sad.

That Marty Grass ran a great campaign, doncha think?  He sponsored half priced drinks at my local bar in February...that gets my vote!

Good luck straightening out your files, JeannieLTR!


GunDiva said...

I once worked with a lady who was so dotty that she'd file by color. You know? The colored alphabet tabs on doctor's office files? Yup. That's what she'd file by. If the colors sort of matched the section, in the file went.

My Sharp Tongue said...

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing! But also the color-filing lady made me smile a lot :-)

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