Friday, January 29, 2010

Snot My Problem

At the clothuing store I worked at, I had a coworker that I will call Jenny.  Jenny had a problem.  You see, she had a nose job in her teens that left her with no feeling in her nose and right below it.  Plus she had allergies.  When her nose ran, she had no idea it was even running.  She would be taking care of customers at the checkout with big trails of snot hanging down over her upper lip.  My favorite Jenny moment was when her nose actually DRIPPED on a woman's purchase, after which the woman said, "I am NOT taking that one."

That's a pretty bad problem.  I can't think of any solution other than:

That's just snot right, DancingQueen.



this is wonderful and a total joy to read. i used to work with a guy who had facial ticks and they became worse when he was talking on the phone. which is what we pretty much did all day. that was also a joy to watch.

strokeofliving said...

Totally unrelated to work, this story oddly reminds me of Andy our 6th grade booger boy. His nose was always filled with green mucus that he'd never blow out with a tissue but occasionally pick out and eat. And he wondered why no one wanted to sit next to him during weekly [or was it daily?] assembly. Yes I'll take green mucus with my pledge of allegiance.

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