Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

Facebook is a fun social networking tool. 

Well, most of the time....

I really, REALLY love this one.

"Let's have it at Justin's house, he's GREAT at keeping secrets!"

I'm predicting Patrick loses a girlfriend in this new year.

Just go along with it, okay Greg? 

And then ask for a loan.

Makes me think of Tweeting Twit...

"Mom! I told you not to read what I posted for the whole world to see!  I have SOME standards, ya know?"

I really want to know what "Micheal" is permanently invited to.

And whether it's Tracy who can't spell or was it "Micheal's" mom.

Or, I suppose, maybe even the nurse who wrote out the birth certificate.  I have heard that's how Oprah got her name - her mother had planned on naming her Orpah which is apparently a biblical name, but the nurse transposed some letters.

Enough trivia tidbits, moving on...

"Darius!  I'm totally LMAO at the fact that you just informed my dad that you ejaculated on the back seat of my car!  What could be, like, funnier?"

You know JoeMc was out in her car with a blacklight to see if there were any stains caused by "that black guy".   Nice phrasing there, apparently he is as big of a doofus as his spawn.


Anonymous said...

I officially love this post! Really - people have no sense of privacy - or self respect in some cases! Sad, really, after we've finished laughing at the indiscretion. OK, I'm still laughing. Smiling. A bit. Sorry...

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