Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In The News: Weirdest Of 2009

 Employee Stabs Himself To Get Out Of Work

How far would you go to get out of work? The Denver Post reports that one man was actually willing to harm himself physically.

29-year-old Aaron Siebers walked into work at Blockbuster Video Monday night with a deep stab wound in his leg along with several other superficial knife wounds. He told his boss that he had been stabbed by three men dressed in black then reported it to the police.

Five police agencies and a K-9 unit formed a manhunt to search for the suspects. Detectives also interviewed Siebers and reviewed videos from a nearby Target's surveillance cameras. Unfortunately for Siebers, the footage showed him walking from his bus stop to the store with no indication of an injury.

After further questioning, Siebers finally confessed that he actually had stabbed himself because he didn't want to go to work. He was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors -- false reporting and obstructing a police officer.

The moral of the story according to the Police Department's spokesperson "If you are going to concoct a story about being stabbed, don't do it near a Target store."
The PD's spokesperson added "Near a Wal-mart. yeah, fine, go ahead and stab yourself, but by Target it's a no-no."


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