Saturday, June 27, 2009

You Gonna Eat That?

Howie makes us a bit nauseous today...

I worked with a woman who was very proud of the fact that she was having sex with one of the guys that worked with us. She was a rather large woman with seeemingly questionable hygiene, so I guess so wanted to let everyone know how this guy apparently found her hot. She was constantly telling us things we NEVER wanted to hear about their escapades - how they would do it in her car in the parking lot, stay late at work and go at it in the bathrooms and stuff like that. One day we were having a morning meeting in the conference room (breakfast provided). She leans over to me, points at the middle of the table directly under the plate of bagels and whispers "We did it right there last night!"

I didn't have any bagels. And tried to touch the table as little as possible.

Lysol anyone? *barf*



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