Sunday, June 14, 2009

Booger Boy

Some snot for Sunday!

I worked for a major national company, and my department was all cubicles, but with the sort of low walls so you can see everyone's heads above them. Well, one guy had a nose picking issue. Now that would be bad enough, but he'd wipe them on one particular wall of his cubicle. Day in, day out, until he had amassed a huge amount of old, dried boogers covering the majority of this wall - I think he might have even tried to sculpt the stuff into shapes a bit at one point. The weirdest part is he was so PROUD of it and would add to his collection while people were at his cubicle - I guess so they could see the creation of his 'masterpiece' in action.

Nice one, Diane. I wonder if this could become a tourist attraction, kinda like the world's biggest ball of twine in Minnesota or something.


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