Friday, June 19, 2009

What is that Scent You're Wearing?

Matt has a doozy...

We had a receptionist at our office who would torture everyone in the office by talking to them endlessly. People started developing defense tactics, like just resuming work while she was talking. So I used that tactic one day, and it worked (Hallelujah!) but as she walks out she says "Stinky"(!!!). Rest of conversation goes like this:

Me: “Did you just call me stinky?”
Her: “No, that’s me. I have a body odor problem.”
Me: “Do you use deodorant?”
Her: “Yeah, the doctor thinks it could be my diet.”
Me: “You should probably use deodorant more often, maybe carry it with you.”
Her: “Oh, I didn’t think of that.” (How do you NOT think of that?!?!)

From then on she kept deodorant out on her desk in full view. Remember she was the RECEPTIONIST, so everyone coming in the door got to see evidence of her 'stinky' problem.

Unrelated to her smelliness, she eventually stopped doing work, even showing up, started complaining about work and saying crap about her coworkers on her MYspace, which was not private so EVERYONE at work saw it - and oh yeah, she had revealing pictures of her odiferous self on there too.

Shockingly (ok, not so much) - she was fired.

Crazy! Wait, no, that's me....


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