Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Scare Up Some Business - Literally....

Anonymous, you have a great one here:

There was this sales guy who would come to my company to sell projects. He was INSANE - and he looked it, with all this crazy white hair. He was so nuts that his sales tactic was basically fear. I actually walked past someone's office at my company one day and saw the crazy dude up on my co-workers desk - yes, STANDING on his desk - and screaming at him "You fat f*ck, give me business!".

Well some scared soul bought a project. But people were complaining about how he was running said project, so he came in one day to address their concerns. He did so by setting up an easel with a covered up board in the conference room. He waited for everyone to be present, and began by saying "I know you all have a problem with me". He then whipped the cover off the board which only had two very big words on it: F*CK YOU. He walked out saying "I'm done with you" and we never saw him again.

I have to admit, I sorta love this crazy f*cker. I can't help it.


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