Sunday, June 28, 2009

Paul tells us...

I was at a party with my coworkers and we were all sitting around a table talking. I should probably mention that the drinks were flowing that evening. Anyway, one woman I worked wth suddenly breaks into the conversation and says "Let's all hold hands and pray for Green Peace." And she was SERIOUS. So naturally, me and some of my other inebriated cohorts start laughing and sayng "Why should we pray for green peas? Is there some vegetable blight or something?" We kept up with the green peas thing for a bit, until she ran from the table crying. We weren't mean to her or anything, she was just so upset that none of us would take Green Peace prayers seriously.

Maybe she'd have gotten a better reaction with a more well liked vegetable. Corn maybe, or carrots. Personally, if someone asked me to pray for lima beans I would. I like those little suckers.


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