Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Half Price Sale on Slightly Stained Dresses - Today Only!

More gross bodily fluids from Teana....

Joe went out one day for a liquid lunch with all our coworkers, then suddenly got up and left the table while everyone was still eating. We saw him back at the office, but no one asked him where he had suddenly went off to during lunch. When we had been back at the office about an hour or so, the police came in and took Joe out in handcuffs. So what happened? Well...

After he left lunch, he went to a local clothing store that sold teenager-y kind of stuff. He went behind a rack and proceeded to 'pleasure himself'. A clerk saw him and screamed, he ran out, but the clerk managed to get his license plate number. Hence the cops in the office an hour later.

He was not fired since he agreed to get treatment.

I'm wondering if the clothes on that rack were on sale for a reduced price after that?


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