Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Maybe Crime Does Pay....

Sal says:

We had a salesguy at work who was doing really well, selling projects like crazy and getting paid major commissions on these sales. That's all well and good except....he never actually sold anything. This was discovered when he literally took the money and ran. Management was so embarrassed that they were conned by this guy that they never pursued him. He also claimed to be a Navy Seal - not true, and if anyone questioned him on it, he'd claim all information was classified to get him out of the fact that he knew nothing about actual Navy Seals. Weirdest of all, we googled him after he left and found out that while he was working for us he had another job in another state - as a host of a TV exercise program of all things.

Please don't tell me this is Jack LaLanne and tarnish my golden image of him in all his 100 year old glory...


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