Friday, February 5, 2010

Spritz Ditz

I work at a high end department store.  Do you know those annoying women who stand around and try to spray you with perfume?  Well, the one at our store was a very nervous young girl.  She would stammer and stutter when asking to spray people, and when she would finally get one to agree, she would be so rattled that she would never check to see which way the spray nozzle was pointing.  She'd just grab her bottle and spray away.  This resulted in people who never agreed to being sprayed getting it from two feet away, pissing them off royally.  The fancy dress section she stood next to got such a good dosing that at lot of the clothes had droplet marks on them from the perfume and reeked of it - not good for sales.  The final straw was when she raised her spray bottle from hell and sprayed a woman - right in her left eye.

What's the problem with that?  Who doesn't want a fragrant eyeball?  The burning subsides eventually, and the resulting scent can be quite lovely.


Hank said...

I'll take a burning eyeball, please!

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