Friday, February 26, 2010

Mortuary Madness Part Two

More funeral parlor weirdness!

We hired a girl to do the makeup (someone's got to do it).  Problem was, she slathered it on like people were going to be in a pageant rather than to the great beyond.  The women wound up looking like hookers.  She didn't use eyeshadow on the men, luckily, but she still piled on the foundation, blusher and even lipstick. They came out a bit transvestite-ish.
We had to let her go.  Too many people were offended by their deceased loved ones looking like prostitutes and cross-dressers.
That's one of those jobs you never really think about.  And for good reason, because I am totally creeped out now.

Do you have to the makeup yourself now, Dan the Funeral Man?


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