Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Scoop The Poop

I work in the maintenance department of a state park.  The park is very popular with dog walkers, and there are signs all over about scooping your dog's poop.  BUT.....so many people do not bother.  So it totally sucks for us, the people who have to clean it up, but also for the hikers and playing children who step in (or roll on, in the case of the children) a fecal landmine.  We see people all the time, standing there while their dog poops, and then nonchalantly walking away like the rest of the world are their servants and they are too good to clean up after themselves.  You can only imagine how mad we get...

So mad that when one day my co-worker saw this happening though an office window, he ran outside, picked up the fresh poop with his BARE HANDS and hurled it at the dog owner while screaming "Pick up after your dog, you pig!"  The poo hit the guy square in the back, streaking down the back of his jacket as it slid off. 

Good thing the guy was more embarrassed about breaking  the Pooper Scooper Law than angry and just rushed to his car and took off without reporting anyone.
Ew, did he just get in his car and lean back on the seat in his caca coat?

By the way, while we are on this subject, I hate when people don't clean up after their dog.  There is a woman who walks all the way from her house about a quarter of a mile away to the street where I live, where she lets her two dogs poop freely without a baggie or scooper in sight.  On people's lawns.  Where kids play.  And I fall down when I've had a few too many.

Anyway, lady, I have my eye on you, and next time I see you, the poo will be flying.  Beware, I have VERY good aim.

Your job kinda stinks, doesn't it, RandyHanson?


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