Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mortuary Madness

My family owns a funeral parlor.  It's a big house, and we live above the funeral parlor itself, on the second floor, which I am sure will creep some people out.  But since I have been living here since birth, I'm so used to it that it doesn't seem weird to me at all.  I have always worked for the family biz, and when my dad retired and moved to Florida, I took over completely.
One time my staff made a pretty significant mistake.  We had two viewings that day, and the men both had similar names, we will call them John Robertson and Robert Johnson.  The staff put John R. in one viewing room, but put out the flowers and the placard for Robert J.  And vice versa in Robert J.'s room.
Imagine both family's surprise when they arrived to say good-bye to their loved one wasn't him.  There was much shuffling and confusion to rectify that mess.
Your Dad worked at a funeral parlor all those years and retired in Florida?  You would think he'd want to get away from old corpses.  Just kidding, Floridians, I love your state!  Especially as I look out the window at more snow.

We have more from Dan the Funeral Man tomorrow!


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