Friday, March 12, 2010

An Unfortunate Uprising

I work in sales for a large corporation.  I won't get into detail what kind of sales, since that's not really important (and, basically, boring).  Anyway, I have one boss who likes to have 'Encouragment Meetings'.  It's pretty much a rah-rah pep rally for getting out there and selling.  He's got a very large belly, and he has started this icky tradition.  He claims it's good luck to rub his belly, like Buddha's.  So at the end of the meeting, we all (and we are mostly women) have to file past him on the way out the door and rub his belly for good luck.  Sometimes he claims we didn't do it hard enough and demands a re-do, but unsuprisingly he only says that to the attractive females of the group.

And the main thing when you are passing him during this tradition is DON'T LOOK DOWN!  Or you will see a bit of in his pants.
You don't sell pup tents, do you?  Maybe he's demonstrating the basic physics of the operation of a pup tent.

Maybe you can claim some sort of contagious hand disease, Anonymous? I'd start Googling hand diseases immediately if I were you.


GunDiva said...

Gross! I say they should change it from a belly rub to a belly punch! Ewww, just, ewww.

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