Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Swingin' In The Breeze

I worked with the lady who was probably in her 50s.  She was normal in every way EXCEPT.... she had an apparent aversion to bras.  And she was a big woman, with big, hanging boobs.  Every day you could see her shaking like Jello as she walked; mind you, the Jello was somewhere around her waist.
The funniest part involved our communal office printer.  If you sent something to it to print, you could hear if it jammed.  When this would happened to our bra-less buddy, she would take off running at high speed to save her document, her boobs flapping in the wind.
She's lucky she didn't get a black eye from one o' those babies!

Thanks to Linsey, for this rather disturbing image.


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