Friday, March 5, 2010

Proper Attire (Well, For Hookers, At Least)

Whoa, Dan the Funeral Man really loves us:
I totally forgot another incident! One time the staff was closing up after a viewing.  We had solemnly ushered out all the guests, locked the doors, and began cleaning up.  We were in the hallway gabbing loudly for a few minutes, talking in particular about the grandaughter of the deceased who had attended the viewing dressed as though she was ready to solicit men on a street corner.  Hot pink tight dress that barely covered her butt, big dangling earrings, teased hair, stillettos - the works.  We were calling her all different unflattering names and laughing loudly, when we hear the bathroom door open. 
Apparently we were wrong, all the guests had NOT left the building.  Two were left - and they happened to be the hooker-dressed woman's mother and grandmother.  They HAD to have heard us; and scurried out while not meeting our eyes.  I think they had been embarrassed by her too.

On a side note, if you think it's irreverent that we were talking and laughing while, essentially, a deceased person lay there, this business you have to maintain a sense of detachment or you'd become clinically depressed.
Wow, you guys really put the fun in funeral!

Who knows, maybe she had to leave for her job directly after, and didn't have time to change in between. 


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