Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

I am a telemarketer, which sucks big time.  This is all I could get out of college, and I need to work, so here I am.  Knowing that the people I call hate me, dealing with being hung up on, called names, etc.  So glad I spent four years involved in higher learning.
Anyway, at our call center, its just basically long tables set up where you  have a phone with a headset and a computer, and we sit lined up one next  to the other.  It's depressing and demoralizing.  Plus, you can hear, see and smell every single thing your neighbor does, eats, farts, etc.
One woman I work with has an unorthodox method of doing her work.  Before she gets on each and every call, she prays for a sale.  Very loudly.  And in a sort of a chant-y, sing-song way.  It's really rather creepy, and freaks us all out.  It also doesn't sound too good to the people we are calling, to have to deal with a telemarketer trying to sell you something while there is religious chanting happening in the background.
Do her prayers work?  Is she like top salesperson or anything?  'Cause you know, I'm sure God puts all the stuff like wars, famine, natural disasters aside when she requests a sale.

Crossing my fingers that you get a new job, StellarStan!


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