Friday, May 14, 2010

Poker Face

My old boss was a complete arrogant a$$hole.  He would have parties at his big old house just to show off to his employees how rich he was, and attendance was pretty mandatory - you'd be on his sh*t list for months of you didn't go.  At these parties, the whole night would pretty much revolve around him telling stories about his latest vacation/safari/boat purchase.
At one party, he decided to demonstrate his latest golf success.  He picked up a fireplace poker and re-enacted his swing at the country club, managing to whack his secretary on the head with it in the process.  Chaos ensued as blood poured form her head, but my boss just looked annoyed at the whole thing and went into the kitchen to refresh his martini.  As people debated who would drive her to the hospital for stitches, he said "Well don't look at me, I just had my car cleaned".

So he got a hole in one - a hole in one secretary's head that is.

Sounds like a fun party, JeromeB.!


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