Thursday, April 22, 2010

Feeling Cocky

I work in Human Resources, so basically I interview a whole lot of people. A few have certainly stuck out in my mind, for example, one kid straight out of college. The conversation went like this:

(Kid walks in looking super relaxed)

Cocky Job Applicant: So, let’s get right down to it. There is no one better for this job than me. You’d be stupid (!!!) to look further.

Me: We have many qualified applicants.

CJA: Of course, you have to say that. Can we talk money?

Me: There is much more to cover before we discuss salary. You don’t have much job experience.

CJA: I don’t need experience. I have more brains and talent than most of the people already working here.

Me: (Starting to get reeeealllly annoyed.) Well, that’s nice, but I can’t really take your word for it.

CJA: When I work here you’ll see what I mean.

Me: No, I won’t. Because you won’t be working here. And I suggest you refine your interview skills before your next interview.

CJA: (Looks shocked, then recovers his swagger.) Dumb move, lady. Someday you’ll see my name and regret not hiring me.

Nice, huh?
Admit it, you all thought from the title I was going somewhere else with "cocky".  Heh.

She probably will see his name somewhere at some point. Quite possibly the Police Blotter.

Or Hollywood. They seem to like arrogant asses.

Thanks to HRLady!!


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